Wenzhou Tianqiu Electric Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of automotive components, manufacturing, is China's automotive electronics industry's backbone enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Wenzhou City.

  Since its establishment in 1995, the company has always relied on the market and is guided by science and technology. It pays close attention to the development of China's automobile industry and endeavors to create exquisite products suitable for the needs of the market. R & D and manufacturing of the main products are all kinds of automotive electric, manual glass door and window lifters, electric windows and doors combination switches, instrument switches and rearview mirror switches, remote control central locks, cigarette lighter, the main supporting manufacturers are FAW, SAIC Wuling, Beiqi, the Great Wall, Xiali, Qingling, JAC, Hippocampus, Futian, and some exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Company covers an area of 2.6 hectares, plant construction area of 38,000 square meters, green 30%. From 2007 to 2017, Baoding Sky Ball Electric Co., Ltd., Laibin Sky Ball Electric Co., Ltd. and Indonesia Sky Globe Electric Co., Ltd. were established. The company has independent product development, design capabilities, engineering and technical personnel using three-dimensional error-free design, digital modeling and other advanced design methods to meet customer expectations.

Development ability

  The company has more than one computer workstation and a number of high-precision computer numerical control equipment consisting of CAD / CAE / CAM applications as the core enterprise information network management system. Product Design The application of advanced engineering design software, the use of reverse and synchronous engineering technology, product 3D modeling, simulation assembly, motion simulation and manufacturing analysis, and through the link in the enterprise information network of various types of CNC equipment to further realize the mold manufacturing Automatic editing and online processing, building a solid, comprehensive technical support network and product development capabilities. R & D software: In addition to having experienced technical staff, the company is also equipped with a computer-aided design system.

Quality policy

  Company production equipment, research and development of lean, complete laboratory equipment, strict quality control. The company follows the quality policy of 'creating beautiful products and pursuing customer satisfaction'. In order to constantly improve the ability of technological innovation, we have invested a lot of money in research and development of new products and strengthened the development of new products. Now we have built a technology research center, Advanced engineering design software, CAD / CAM / CAE integration of product development, reverse engineering and synchronous engineering technology to achieve the product measurement, three-dimensional modeling, simulation assembly, motion simulation and manufacturing analysis technology to adapt to the current automotive industry development of. At the same time also built a complete experimental means test center, in addition to routine physical and chemical tests, but also on the car parts coordinate measurement, high and low temperature, salt spray, sand and dust, impact, vibration. Aging and other special tests.

Quality assurance

  In order to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, the company has passed the IATF16949, 'Quality Management System', OHSAS18001 'Occupational Health and Safety Management System', and according to IS014001 'Environmental Management System' and other products on the effective quality control process. With the development of China's automobile industry, celestial sphere has been created today, and celestial sphere has been continuously brought new opportunities and challenges. The celestial sphere of tomorrow will surely usher in a new take-off in the challenge.

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