The company has experienced more than 20 years of development history, always adhere to and promote people-oriented, common development and harmonious progress. Based on the employees 'foundation, the company takes the actual needs of the employees as the priority, bases on the employee's foundation, and aims to solve all kinds of reasonable demands of the employees and organizes the employees' work needs, life needs and spiritual needs by creating ' Activities and actively implement and further guide employees to release the pressure to enhance vitality and enhance motivation to stimulate the sense of responsibility and honor of the majority of workers and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise to achieve a harmonious and win-win personal development and business development and common development.

Honesty first, service eternity, people-oriented, quality as the soul

For customers——
Respond promptly and correctly to customer needs, provide sincere service and build trusted long-term business relationship;

For supplier——
Strengthen the mutual trust relationship with suppliers to assist the growth and development of supplier companies, and cooperation with the company for mutual benefit, coexistence and common prosperity and achieve win-win situation;

For staff——
Clear employee responsibility, provide more room for development, enrich staff education and benefits, and create a safe working environment for staff;

For shareholders——
Provide open and transparent information, actively explore new business areas and create stable and sustainable businesses;

Social responsibility——
To provide the community with quality products, operating in good faith according to law, actively participate in social activities, and strive to improve corporate earnings, contribute to the community。

  • Our aims

    NO.1 enterprise

  • Idea


  • Principle


  • Win-win


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